Weekly Writ

Every week we take comments from our Your Ad-Vantage Facebook page as seeds for a flash-fiction story or commercial-style vignette. Here is where you can find the silly results!

Weekly Writ #1Guardians of the Treasured X-Box
Inspired by Josh, who once found himself with three cousins, all four with broken arms, and they had to find ways to pass the summer together.

Weekly Writ #2The Cat with Expensive Taste
Inspired by Amber’s suggestion to write about a magical cat who turns everything she licks into gold.

Weekly Writ #3Obscure Phenomena
We took a break from suggestions to write something out of our own heads. Here is an interesting piece Loren created.

Weekly Writ #4Feline Business; Canine Justice
Inspired by Paul, who suggested we write about the ongoing hatred between dogs and cats. Regarding whether they considered racist, or animalist, or speciesist, as the comment pondered, might be part of a sequel…

Weekly Writ #5A Night at the Hospital, Versions 1 & 2
Inspired by Dan, who suggested we write a humorous short story about what it’s like sleeping overnight at a hospital. It turned into a double-header: one version is humorous and the second version is more serious. A good example of how mood can change the same plot line.

Weekly Writ #6The Trestle
We have a story suggestion, but it is still in the works, so Lee Rugen has provided a touching story for us this week.

Weekly Writ #7Superheroes in Disguise
A special Weekly Writ Loren wrote up in continuing honor of Veteran’s Day and all those who are represented by this holiday.

Weekly Writ #8The View
Another touching story provided by Lee Rugen for this week’s Weekly Writ.

Weekly Writ #9A Boy and His Gingery Friends
Inspired by Linda’s suggestion, we present a special Christmas edition of Weekly Writ by Loren Rugen. 


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