Half-Life Story


The chief joy of any writer is in the act of creating, which is the primary factor required for creativity. Hence, writers who enjoy their trade and write for hire will also write simply for the pleasure of writing. This page is to give you a glimpse of one such personal project I have been working on in the sparest of my spare times.

I have always had my hand to the proverbial pen, with a huge compilation of unpublished creative works (poems, stories, anecdotes) of my own personal collection simply for the satisfaction of communicating wonderful and glorious ideas through written prose. I am ever watching out for the opportunity to take up a new challenge and for the opportunity to make something interesting that many people can enjoy.

I am an enthusiastic fan of Steam’s Half Life PC games, so it was only natural to begin my own story based on that world, which runs parallel to the events of the Half Life 2 series. Since it will be a sizable and ongoing project, this story deserves its own page. I will be posting sections of this novel here on a regular basis and will hopefully give you a good idea of my creative writing penmanship.

Disclaimer: All content is based on the world of the Half-Life video games produced by Valve Corporation. I am not writing in any official capacity nor represent Valve Corporation in any way. Everything produced herein are my own original works and derived from copyrighted material only to the extent allowable by the fair use doctrine. Please do not reproduce without permission.

Half-Life: Remnant
Table of Contents

Prologue: Elegy

Chapter 1 – Pt. 1

Chapter 1 – Pt. 2

Chapter 2 – Pt. 1

Chapter 2 – Pt. 2

Chapter 3 – Pt. 1

Chapter 3 – Pt. 2

Chapter 4 – Pt. 1

Chapter 4 – Pt. 2

Chapter 5 – Pt. 1

Chapter 5 – Pt. 2

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 – Pt. 1


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