Fun Bio for Your Ad-Vantage

IMG_0535-250px[Here is just a fun little bio I wrote for our Your Ad-Vantage Facebook page.]
Deep in the grammatical wilds, where elusive polysyllabic words and pluperfects make their residence, a Word Smith takes up his pen daily to battle the epidemic of illiteracy and encroaching symptomatic darkness of unrealized potential.  He is also known in some circles as the Grammar Gambit, a vigilante who takes to exploring the wilds, identifying vast hordes of English homonyms, reuniting split infinitives, rescuing dangling modifiers, and putting subordinate clauses in their place.

This Word Smith is Loren Rugen; a mild-mannered office assistant at a scholarship organization for private Christian schools and student at Rio Salado college pursuing his certification in Secondary English Education. Loren has completed his B.A. at Moody Bible Institute, is six years married to his lovely wife Rachel, and can’t get enough of his silly toddler Elias. His love for reading and writing dominates the rest of his spare time, and he seeks its outlet as a creative writer for Your Ad-Vantage. You can follow his verbal escapades through his blog where he maintains his alias as the Creative Bookworm Writer.

Perhaps there is something you need written, but don’t have the time for it, and don’t want to hire just anyone for the job. You need someone with passion and experience in the trade. Loren is your qualified candidate and would be honored to assist.