Newspaper Job Listing Sample


[This was a fun assignment (for my certification program, not an actual client) which asked for a 1/2 page newspaper job listing for a content area teacher, listing the most desirable attributes. This is the result.]

Are YOU the High School English Teacher We’ve Been Waiting For?

Keep reading if you are eager to promote social and English literacy for teenagers in a way that will prepare them to be meaningful members of society.

At [School] Academy, we don’t think it’s too much to ask of a teacher to have passion about the subject matter, nor is it unrealistic to have teachers who are just as enthusiastic about seeing their students succeed. When you think about how much time children spend at school, the role of every teacher becomes significant as educators and role models.

The following traits are expected of any effective teacher, even in the face of difficulties: Positive; Supporting; Respectful; Responsive; Encouraging; Dedicated. In addition, specialized training in teaching English to adolescents is highly desired.

The goal of a successful teacher is more than just teaching the material and keeping students under control. Their goal is to help students under their care to engage in the learning process through a variety of means, whether through technology, discussion, visual aids, role playing, giving specific feedback, encouragement, or creative group projects. A successful teacher is authentic, truly desiring that his or her students grasp the material and enjoy the process. That is why a successful teacher manages the classroom well, sets high expectations and standards, and encourages participation, because all students have the ability to learn; students just need someone who believes in them.

This type of positive and respectful climate will serve as a preventative for misbehavior, and instead, students will have the capacity to engage in higher-order thinking.

At [School] Academy, we value training and experience in our teachers, but we also seek the right attitude—a teacher’s heart. If this describes what you wish to accomplish as a teacher, please send us your resume today!


Donation Brochure #2


This brochure was developed to encourage donations for Calvary Chapel Christian School in Tucson, AZ. It is a classic example of non-profit copy writing that I have frequently worked with. Again, the powerful design is credited to Tommy Smith, I just help with the writing copy.

Here is both the 2012 and 2013 print files for this brochure. The copy is practically the same; I included both brochures because they posses simply adorable pictures!

2012 Calvary Print File

2013 Calvary Print File

Copywriting Guide


This bit was created as a suggestive aid for when ACSTO’s partner schools developed their own communication/correspondence about Arizona’s tuition tax credit law. While these guidelines are based on technicalities of tax credit law and court precedence, it is designed to be easily read and implemented by a general audience.

You can view the 2-page PDF at this link: Copywriting Guide.

I wrote the content, and design credit goes to Tommy Smith. Copyright Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization, Inc. November 2012.

A Graduate’s Reflections

[I wrote this for the May 2010 edition of Moody onTarget & Today in the Word, a monthly alumni email & devotional magazine publication (respectively).
Copyright of Moody Ministries.]


Why did I choose to study at Moody Bible Institute?

As a high school senior, I understood that Moody was a Bible college dedicated to training students for full-time Christian ministry. Fresh out of high school, I had no financial standing and would have had to work for years in order to afford college. I was astounded to learn that a Christian college as prestigious as Moody Bible Institute – able to rival the best of colleges in the world in terms of Christian ministry training – provided a tuition-paid education.


Not only was Moody the best option for what I was looking for and needed, but it was available to me. It was accessible.

Moody’s tuition-paid education was a tremendous blessing to me, but God did not stop there. He introduced me to my wife Rachel at Moody. Rachel and I had the rare opportunity to learn about the Scriptures and about each other’s unique direction in ministry in classes we shared. I had the privilege of observing and even helping her with her linguistics studies. Likewise, she helped and encouraged me in my biblical studies, papers and sermons.

The two years I lived in the dorms at Moody were just as precious as the classes. I met lifelong friends, had intense discussions about matters of Christian faith and theology and also had a lot of fun. Before Moody, I was uncertain in my understanding of the Scriptures, but now I’m truly confident in God’s Word.

This ends my Moody story, but not before I give thanks to all of Moody’s partners who understand how invaluable a place like Moody is for countless students like me who desire to enter the ripe fields of Christian ministry. With gratitude, thank you for investing in my life and ministry.

On Saturday, May 15, Moody Bible Institute will confer over 350 degrees to undergraduate, distance learning, and seminary students at our Chicago commencement ceremony. Commencement ceremonies at MTS-Michigan and MBI-Spokane will be held on May 22 and May 29, respectively. We praise God for these future Christian leaders, men and women like Loren, who are equipped with God’s Word and passionate about reaching the lost with the message of Jesus Christ.

As a higher education and media ministry, Moody exists to equip people
with the truth of God’s Word to be maturing followers of Christ who are
making disciples around the world.

820 N. LaSalle Blvd., Chicago, IL 60610 |
(800) DL-MOODY |


ACSTO 101 Cover

ACSTO 101 is an e-book authored by me and designed by Tommy Smith (Marketing and Communications Manager at ACSTO). This is the magnum opus of my career as a copywriter at ACSTO. It is a compilation of my experience and expertise in Arizona tax credit law, nationwide school choice, technical writing skills, research and development, marketing and communication, and calls to action. It is professional yet friendly; informational yet interesting (for the target audience at least!); heavily researched and technical yet laid out simply for the layman.

As the author and researcher for this e-book, I created it for the purpose of educating our constituents (parents, donors, and schools) about the inner workings of ACSTO and the tax credit law that we operate with, and how our constituents can best take advantage of this tax credit law for the benefit of providing funding for private Christian education. It is in essence a fundraising booklet – and our parents trying to pay for the cost of tuition will best benefit from the information it contains.

Originally published as a free e-book in Nov. 2012.
Copyright Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization, Inc. March 2013.