Miniature Journey

This is a fun little children’s story intended for 2-3 year old’s. I am in the process of compiling illustrations from a friend. Once this is completed, I hope to present it for publishing.

Miniature Journey 
(1) Hello little bug, is your journey bright?
(2) How far can you travel while the day is light?
(3) To cross a simple sidewalk must be like a football field,
(4) And to walk into the grass makes you completely concealed.
(5) I hope it’s not too much trouble when you encounter a leaf,
(6) And when you come across some garbage the delay is brief.
(7) The dangers in your journey must be a constant fright,
(8) since birds and frogs and spiders want to eat you on sight;
(9) and I’m sorry for all the big people who don’t understand you,
(10) who jump around and yell, and try to step on you.
(11) But I think you’re wonderful, you just need a friend,
(12) and I hope you are still safe at your journey’s end.

Copyright Loren Rugen. Written Jan. 2013.