About the Author

My name is Loren Rugen and I am a literature and writing enthusiast with an interest of its use for education, literacy, and marketing, which are relevant for virtually every application imaginable. From reading an awe-inspiring novel, to the inspiration of a testimony, to the call of action to support a charitable cause, writing applies to the world and the world is dependent on it.

God Himself inspired the documentation of His works among man through people who wrote it down for the instruction of every generation following, and we have the Bible as the final product. This fuels my thirst for all things related to books, reading, and writing, and how they are used to change the world!

Hence, my blog name of creativebookwormwriter. I am a bookworm proficient in the writing trade – go figure! I enjoy the process of creating specialized content in any of a variety of all-purpose writing needs. This could include copywriting, blogging, book and product reviews, technical writing, scripting, case studies, articles, and brochure text copy.  The possibilities are endless! It all depends on how the client wishes to market themselves.

As such, I desire, and am working toward, a secondary English teaching occupation. Once beyond that hurtle, I will set my sights on a Master’s degree in something bookish. My freelance/independent contract writing is all at once a professional career, a hobby, and a means to supplement my income. I love to continually practice my writing as often as I can in order to stay in top literary shape.

I am experienced and passionate about
creative writing, literature, and literacy.

Perhaps you have need of a writer.  You may contact me at Your Ad-Vantage, the writing and audio service I head up with Lee Rugen, to learn more about what we can offer for your writing or audio production needs.


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