Raised? by Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson

Most books like these are from powerhouse authors who once disbelieved, and actually set out to disprove the gospel, and in so doing, discovered the supreme veracity of Scripture. The author of this book does admit to certain doubts, as all people do, but claims no such journey of discovery. Maybe I’m spoiled when it comes to apologetics because of such names as Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, and J. Warner Wallace, who all have compelling testimonies to back-up their desire to seek objective evidence.

I don’t want to say that an author must have a Pauline-style conversion to write a winning book regarding the evidence of the resurrection, however, because everyone’s testimony about life-change is valid and helpful for building God’s kingdom.

Besides, every capable Christian must be asking and answering these essential questions about their faith. The Resurrection is the pinnacle of history, the reason for our faith, the reason why Jesus was exactly who he said he was. Every author who can correctly put this into perspective is doing the world a service. These sorts of books are not just a fad, but finally a focus on the most convincing truth for being a Christ-follower: the resurrection!

The author has not limited his audience to the secular skeptic alone, however, and makes his appeal to the doubting Thomas. He paints a new light on this disciple, and those like him, and applauds their desire for evidence. This is not a secret club of blind believers, after all, but a confident knowledge in what was publicly acknowledged, seen, and heard. This is exactly the allure of the book’s subtitle: Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection. There is nothing wrong with wanting evidence, a reason to believe. And that is why Christianity, and only Christianity, is true.

So I do recommend this book to read and to have available among your other apologetic novelettes like More Than A Carpenter, Cold-Case Christianity, and The Case For Christ. The authors also made this a short read, short enough that you’d be comfortable giving it to your doubting friends as an encouraging gift, and it is conversational enough for anyone to pick it up and understand its precepts.


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