Newspaper Job Listing Sample


[This was a fun assignment (for my certification program, not an actual client) which asked for a 1/2 page newspaper job listing for a content area teacher, listing the most desirable attributes. This is the result.]

Are YOU the High School English Teacher We’ve Been Waiting For?

Keep reading if you are eager to promote social and English literacy for teenagers in a way that will prepare them to be meaningful members of society.

At [School] Academy, we don’t think it’s too much to ask of a teacher to have passion about the subject matter, nor is it unrealistic to have teachers who are just as enthusiastic about seeing their students succeed. When you think about how much time children spend at school, the role of every teacher becomes significant as educators and role models.

The following traits are expected of any effective teacher, even in the face of difficulties: Positive; Supporting; Respectful; Responsive; Encouraging; Dedicated. In addition, specialized training in teaching English to adolescents is highly desired.

The goal of a successful teacher is more than just teaching the material and keeping students under control. Their goal is to help students under their care to engage in the learning process through a variety of means, whether through technology, discussion, visual aids, role playing, giving specific feedback, encouragement, or creative group projects. A successful teacher is authentic, truly desiring that his or her students grasp the material and enjoy the process. That is why a successful teacher manages the classroom well, sets high expectations and standards, and encourages participation, because all students have the ability to learn; students just need someone who believes in them.

This type of positive and respectful climate will serve as a preventative for misbehavior, and instead, students will have the capacity to engage in higher-order thinking.

At [School] Academy, we value training and experience in our teachers, but we also seek the right attitude—a teacher’s heart. If this describes what you wish to accomplish as a teacher, please send us your resume today!


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