The View


[Weekly Writ is an entertainment project where we take story suggestions from our Your Ad-Vantage Facebook page and turn those ideas into a flash-fiction vignette every week. This week’s touching tale was written by Your Ad-Vantage’s Lee Rugen.]

The little old man looked down from his perch and took in the magnificent view that spread out before him. Majestic mountains reached to the heavens while juxtaposed by rolling fields of wavering grains. Diverse clusters of animals scattered about demonstrated the imagination of the ultimate Creator.  Villages of people hustled down the streets between countless buildings of all sizes and shapes.

But this gentleman was searching for something in particular in the middle of this collage of humanity. He scanned the scene some more until he found a familiar setting. His eyes strained a little more and gradually everything started to come into focus.

His heart lept when he spotted her. She was walking through the house, a little slower than he remembered. The woman was in her early 80’s, but as she spoke with someone on the phone, her tone and spirit seemed to contradict her years. She set the phone back on the cradle, paused and heaved a huge sigh. He wasn’t sure but he thought he saw a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

They spent 54 wonderful years together. So many experiences; so many memories. They were practically inseparable. He missed her terribly.

That’s when a wave of emotion swept over him. But it wasn’t what he was expecting. It was a pang of joy. That’s when he remembered something. He had been told to expect this long ago. He had even read about it himself. But now he was experiencing it firsthand.

No more tears. That’s what God promised.

He knew they’d be together someday. The years would seem like days here.  In the meantime he could spend his time thanking the One who made it all possible.


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