Feline Business; Canine Justice

[Weekly Writ is an entertainment project where we take story suggestions from our Your Ad-Vantage Facebook page and turn those ideas into a silly flash-fiction or commercial-style vignette every week. This week was written by Your Ad-Vantage’s Loren Rugen!]

Run. Just keep on running. Jasper repeated the mantra as he bolted down the alley. You can outrun them. He had to hold this thought at the forefront of his drug-addled mind in order to stay focused. Run. Just keep on running.

The splat of an ill-aimed shot burst beneath his feet as he lept past an overturned trash can. Good thing; he almost stopped to sniff at its contents. No. Have to stay focused. Run. Just keep on running.

No matter how fast he fled, the barking of his pursuers surrounded him and filled him with dread, each echo a death knoll, a prophesy of his inevitable capture. This terror conspired with his otherwise sluggard thought process and actually inspired him to press on, to escape. Run. Just keep on running.

Another splat suffused a cardboard box beside him with the dreaded stuff (what a waste of a perfectly good box!). Those water guns they had mounted on their backs had poor aim, though it did little good for his partner, who received a full blast in the face at short range. He wondered if a cat could survive a trauma like that.

It was too bad too, cause Felix was an expert producer. He was single pawededly responsible for nearly half of the clan’s production of cat nip. Did pet owners even know how many house cats are addicted to the stuff? Where did they think the cats went when they go outside for days at a time?

While I’m on the subject of those talking pink-skins, do those humans realize the extensive and brutal reach of the DPA they helped to create with all their hype about ‘man’s best friend’? The Dogs of all Paws Alliance is a decidedly anti-feline co-op. And what better way for them to disrupt our way of living then by going after our most lucrative business: cat nip. Just thinking about it makes me want to hiss.

Around the alleyway’s corner Jasper perceived a stack of boxes providing a neat ramp that would enable him to clear the upcoming fence. Once he escaped there would be much to do to get the business up and running again. But first, he thought, he must run. Run. Just keep on running.


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