The Cat with Expensive Taste

catgold[Weekly Writ is an entertainment project where we take story suggestions from our Your Ad-Vantage Facebook page and turn those ideas into a silly flash-fiction or commercial-style vignette every week. This week was written by Your Ad-Vantage’s very own Lee Rugen!]

Checkers looked around his home with a sense of pride that he didn’t expect. His surroundings were extravagant, even for a cat of his stature.

He always had a taste for quality and luxury. But even the recent chain of events left him more satisfied than he could have ever imagined. Everything around him glimmered. Various tones of golden hues reflected in the sunlight. He proudly walked through the house scanning his kingdom with approval. Room after room, from basement to the top floor, tables, drapes, chairs, plants, his toys– everything glistened.

He thought of how it all started. Who had ever heard of a cat genie? And who would have thought that they would be sequestered to an old can of tuna? But his owners, not noticing the expiration date, opened that can. Immediately the old feline emerged and floated to Checkers, his new master.

He was indeed a fortunate kitty who instantly knew how to fulfill his first wish. But now, as he entered the kitchen, he was reminded of his dilemma.

He sauntered up to his dish to inspect a glorious mound of Fancy Feast. It looked magnificent. Chunky, juicy, beautifully prepared, and – like the rest of the house – made of gold.

Yes, Checkers was in a quandary. He slowly looked up and batted at a piece of catnip hanging above…which promptly fell to the floor with a thud.


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