Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace


The latest must-have for every Christian’s bookshelf just released this year; it is Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace. He takes his experience as a homicide detective and applies it to a full-fledged investigation of the veracity of the Gospels. The verdict: belief is a very reasonable conclusion in response to the Bible’s claims.

Following in the footsteps of popular titles as Reason to Believe (Sproul), The Case for Christ (Strobel), Evidence that Demands a Verdict (McDowell), and Know Why You Believe (Little), Wallace brilliantly adds to the discussion in perhaps the most thoroughly discussed presentation yet.

The annotated version could be summarized thus: We utilize reasonable criteria to aid us in our decision-making process for our everyday lives, why not apply those same reasonable pieces of criteria to the claims of Christianity? You will find that the very same principles we use in very important empirical research will verify the events of the Gospels and bolster our reason for faith.

This book was designed for readers of multiple learning styles by employing stories, experience, graphic organizers, definitions, side note summaries, external references, and logical step by step presentations. This is not to say this book is confusing to technical in any way. Wallace presents his reasoning the way a court system would instruct any jury, which is to say the material is designed to be understandable for any audience, and the instruction is sufficient enough to make crucial life-or-death decisions based on the information given.

For the believer and the doubter alike, you will find that this book will either encourage your faith or convince you that faith in the Bible’s claims is a very real and very reasonable option.


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