ACSTO 101 Cover

ACSTO 101 is an e-book authored by me and designed by Tommy Smith (Marketing and Communications Manager at ACSTO). This is the magnum opus of my career as a copywriter at ACSTO. It is a compilation of my experience and expertise in Arizona tax credit law, nationwide school choice, technical writing skills, research and development, marketing and communication, and calls to action. It is professional yet friendly; informational yet interesting (for the target audience at least!); heavily researched and technical yet laid out simply for the layman.

As the author and researcher for this e-book, I created it for the purpose of educating our constituents (parents, donors, and schools) about the inner workings of ACSTO and the tax credit law that we operate with, and how our constituents can best take advantage of this tax credit law for the benefit of providing funding for private Christian education. It is in essence a fundraising booklet – and our parents trying to pay for the cost of tuition will best benefit from the information it contains.

Originally published as a free e-book in Nov. 2012.
Copyright Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization, Inc. March 2013.


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