Once Upon A Star

Falter not thy frigid star, thine radiance hardly seen.
Beseech the skies, lo! Hold nothing back
Release the northern tempest!
Yet, waft softly star, thine structure frail
And presence here still needed.
Select for yourself a host thousands strong,
Stretched far across the sky,
In varied sequence send forth your stars,
Streaking to their destination.
May the Arctic declare its battle cry,
Sweeping the landscape clean.
Yea, tread carefully gentle ice,
thine rigid blades soon shudder.
Hark and lo! In mighty flow,
See I much snow in its crystal glow!
Dear frigid star, join thine host,
Thine brethren. 
A long life be thine,
May my thanks reach thine ear
And thine’s brethren’s icy flakes.
Created in 2010.

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