Even a Storm Must Bow

The clouds lunged bony limbs upon the earth, grasping with ethereal digits, blinding with ecstatic energy.  At each lunge neighboring clouds thundered in applause.

In a similar hurry, the air lashed and shoved its way past any obstacle in attempt to reach some urgent magnet of distant winds.

A pouring of water, like slaps in the face, insisted on its right to travel, cascading over all.

In the hubris of the three, they clashed in mid-air, frightening the boulders and trees.  The entire landscape bowed in submission to the storm.  Only the sturdiest parts of creation dared to defy the elements with confidence.

When such weather rushes by, know you are not among the sturdiest parts of creation; rather, Immanuel, cornerstone of the Kingdom’s foundation, defined sturdy.  Only on this secure footing can one defy the elements with confidence. 

The waters may splash, but can only recede against this elevated shore.  The winds may howl as a score of hounds, but can offer minimal resistance against such a palisade.  The looming clouds are but a vapor in His tea, shattered by a breath.

Created in 2011.

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