Creative Writing Tips for Young Children

A child’s mind is constantly aloft in the realm of possibilities, while at the same time learning to grasp and understand the laws that govern the universe. When artistically combined through creative writing at an early age, children are enabled to explore the way in which imagination and reality collide, and express the process by which their mind attempts to digest it.

When developing young children’s creative writing skills give them examples, especially examples they enjoy. Students learn best though the context of their experience. Thus, they are more likely to glean insight from books they have already read and are excited for. Have them make a list of favorite stories. Have them think about why they like it, and to think about the characters, the pictures, the words, the problem in the story, the way it’s solved, and what they learned from the story. Have them write these thoughts down. These are basic but important aspects to consider when writing a story.
Second, have the children think about their favorite hobby or activity, and have them write this down, perhaps on a second page.
Now for the creative writing.  Simply have the students start writing about their favorite hobby/activity. As they write have them look back at what they wrote on sheet one and think about how they can do the same in their own story.  If they want to think, let them think, but encourage the children to start writing.  Putting words to the page is practice in and of itself, regardless if you don’t know where the words will lead quite yet.
At this point it is important to not tell them what to write, let the workings of their own mind prevail upon the page. If the plots of their first couple stories look remarkably similar to the stories they chose, do not fret. The goal is for them to grow comfortable with writing. From here on out there are endless exercises for students to practice. Give them one part of the story, then have them finish it.  Always praise and encourage them for their work.

Completed through a client on on 09/10/11.

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