T-Shirt Review: Teh Internets Memes

There is a conundrum every person will face.  It is the bitter-sweet moment when you find something on the internet so funny, so silly, so incredibly stupid that you MUST show someone else, yet no one else is around to see it. 

But don’t worry, brilliance is just around the corner.  Here is a shirt you can wear that contains some of the most astoundingly addicting clips of recent memory.  This way, you don’t have to seek out those who appreciate your sardonic, slapstick and satirical sense of humor (yes, all at the same time).   They will find you!  Ever wanted to know who else recognizes the Awesome Face?  Or who else knows how to speak lolz cat language?  Or gets a kick out of a dancing PBJ-loving banana?  
Here is your chance my friend.  Here is your chance.  So practice your meme quotes and show off your trivial knowledge!
Completed through a client on Textbroker.com on 09/15/11.

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