T-Shirt Review: Pirate Pack

Avast! This be the booty ye need for all the aspirin’ sprogs out there.  The DIY Pirate Pack.  It contains all the necessary accessories to become the most dreaded freebooter of the seven seas.

Start by punching out the piratey hat.  Take out the map, compass and telescope to chart yer course.  Then pull up the anchor and spin the wheel to be on yer merry way.
On the one hand – choose between a flintlock pistol, dagger or cutlass.  On the other – decide upon a ‘handy’ hook, fork or saw.  All that’s left is to put your trusty parrot on yer shoulder, fondle yer gems, and drink up yer grog!
Don’t be a bilge rat! Separate yerself from all them landlubbers.  Smartly, me mates! This’ll be the best doubloons ye ever spent.  If ye don’t, the little lad will hang the jib till the scallywags come home!
Completed through a client on Textbroker.com on 10/04/11.

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