T-Shirt Review: NES & SNES Controller

Nowadays, being a geeky gamer-nerd is to cool as Castlevania is to having a good time.  What, you don’t get the analogy? You would if you spent the eighth year of your life trying to beat Startropics with the volume down so your parents didn’t know you were playing it past your bedtime. 

Don’t roll your eyes, I learned patience through that game!  Then again, I also learned how to knock out my brother with Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.  In my defense I would also like to point out that I mastered my hand-eye coordination with Tetris, and developed problem-solving skills from the Legend of Zelda.
Now you might understand why I wear this T-Shirt with the buttons on a NES controller on the front.  No, not just for nostalgic reminiscence.  This shirt represents my childhood, my education.  In fact, last week I passed driver’s ed because of Rad Racer.
Completed through a client on Textbroker.com on 09/15/11.

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