T-Shirt Review: Dr. Robotnik Pet Sitting Service

So your application says you are Doctor Ivo Robotnik, correct? As I flip through your resume I see that your previous job experience is quite impressive: specialist in robotics design and automation, bio-computation, engineer, and mechanical instrumentation tech.

Okay, and you are applying for a business license in pet sitting? Now, what inspired this change of profession Dr. Robotnik? You love animals, you say. Spent your entire life creating mechanical animals, so now you desire to spend some time with real animals, is that it? Interesting.

And you have included a sample advertisement poster for me, ah, here it is. There you are hugging some cute cartoonish animals. Is that a hedgehog, a fox, and a porcupine? No, an echidna, my apologies. And it reads “Dr. Robotnik Pet Sitting Service.” An animal-loving man if ever I saw one. Welcome to the pet care workforce Dr. Robotnik!

Completed through a client on Textbroker.com on 09/15/11.


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