T-Shirt Review: Blue Horde

When you live in a place called the Cursed Land, something like this was bound to happen: eventually.

Perhaps someone tinkered with the sarsaparilla. Or maybe that new subdivision over in that toxic mushroom colony wasn’t such a good idea. Either way, we have a pandemic of miniature proportions on our plate. It’s time to board up the toadstool, layer on the barbed-wire, and set out the explosives (just in case).
Where is Handy Smurf when you need him? Hopefully these smurfberry grenades will hold off the blue horde for awhile. If not, our pistols and shotguns will certainly smurfalize their rotting corpses. Ever wonder what color a strangled smurf would turn? How about I rephrase the question. Ever wonder what color a zombie smurf turns? Puke-yellow. Not that it matters. Uh oh, it looks like more are crawling up from the ground. Well ain’t that just smurftastic…
Completed through a client on Textbroker.com on 08/31/11.

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