T-Shirt Review: AT-AT Anatomy

Calling all Imperial Veterinarians – the Intergalactic Empire needs YOU.

Job History: Experience with large vertebrate creatures required, specifically with beasts of burden and war animals preferred, such as Banthas, Dewbacks, Fambaas, and Tauntauns. 

Job Description: You will be part of an elite team assigned to modify the structural design of the Imperial AT-AT.  As you can see on this T-Shirt design, an X-Ray reveals that the anatomy of an AT-AT consists of a large beast with impressive bone structure, courtesy of the Imperial Veterinary Clinic.  While this saves a considerable amount of energy and materials compared to the original prototypes, it severely limits maneuverability and balance. 

After the battle of Hoth the Empire realized it needed to revamp the exoskeleton armor, so you will be working with mechanical engineers to maintain the durable armor, while enhancing the beast’s stability. 

Send resumes to the Imperial Garrison on Coruscant.

Completed through a client on Textbroker.com on 09/27/11.



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